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The Cobra Roller was designed by Kaywood Elliott. His inspiration for this tool came from “Golden Ticket Party Rentals” a rentals company that his wife Cathy started in 2008. “We make a great team” Kaywood says as he handles the field work, setting up and dismantle of equipment while Cathy handles the office side of the business.

“It’s in my blood” says Kaywood who tells about his grandfather showing Kaywood his inventions as a child. ” I was always encouraged to figure out a solution” so over the years he would often make a tool to solve a problem that he was facing. Kaywood says his one regret is that he didn’t pursue his inventions sooner but is glad he chose this tool to start with.


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Kaywood Elliott


Kaywood is a proud Newfoundlander with an innate desire as inventor and entrepreneur at an early age. He has been bred as a business owner and has owned many companies and has found unique opportunities over the years. The success of Golden Tickets Party Rental’s events is a direct result of Kaywood’s dedication, hard work, customer service and resourcefulness.

He balances work and play with his 3 boys, teaching them the importance of making time for people and enjoying life. Kaywood’s knowledge and experience in the oil and gas industry, construction industry and tent rental industry combined with his ingenious character has led him to the start of Innovative Tent Products.

Cathy Patey


Cathy is native to Corner Brook, Newfoundland and attended college there completing Electronics Engineering Technology. After spending time growing her career in the oil and gas industry and pursuing sales and marketing for corporate companies she knew she had always been an entrepreneur at heart and has a passion to see businesses succeed in Newfoundland and Labrador.

In 2008 Cathy and Kaywood decided to open Golden Ticket Party Rentals and they are an incredible team. The company has grown since then and so has their family. Currently Cathy is entertaining 3 active sons and continues to help grow Golden Ticket Party Rentals and support Kaywood in his new journey Innovative Tent Products.

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