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The Cobra Roller can save you time …and money!


Designed with the intent to alleviate the troublesome task of installation and removal of tent walls at different events. It was through actual on the job experiences that led to the idea of an easier, more efficient method for the tent walls.


Benefits of the Cobra Roller

The Cobra Roller offers you 5 value points in this product. 5 key points that will ultimately save you $1000’s within the first 12 months of operation.

1. Time Savings!

It typically takes two people to set up or take down tent walls. Only one person is needed when using the Cobra Roller.


2. Eliminates Dirt Transfer!

The traditional method of folding tent walls allows dirt (that accumulates on the bottom portion of the side wall) to migrate to the upper portion of the side wall with every fold. Rolling the wall completely eliminates this dirt transfer. Plus any dirt transfer caused by the wall being folded/unfolded on a tarp or the ground.

3. Superior Ergonomic Benefits!

Specially engineered to take the burden off of the installer. The Cobra Roller patented ‘rolled wall technology’ shifts the weight of the tent wall gradually to the Cobra Roller during loading and gradually transfers the weight to your tent structure as it unfolds.

4. Eliminates Creases!

Creases are unattractive and pins holes may develop over time when folding and unfolding your tent walls. The Cobra Roller ensures there is no more folding, eleminating that issue.

5. Extends Lifespan Of Your Tent Walls!

Folding and cleaning tent walls are ultimately destructive. The Cobra Roller will help extend the life span of your tent walls.

The Design

Engineered for Efficiency

Specifically engineered to take the burden off of the installer, the Cobra Roller’s patented “rolled wall technology” allows the operator to shift the weight of the tent wall gradually between the tent structure and the Cobra Roller during installation and removal.  This turns a cumbersome two person chore into an effortless one-person job.

Durable Head

Engineered for Efficiency


Bottom Point


Starter Pack – 4 Cobra Rollers & 1 Auto-Drive

Includes 4 Cobra Roller Side Wall Apparatus for up to 9ft x 20ft side walls that attach to frame style tents using carabiners clipped on a wall cable.

The starter pack also includes an Auto-Drive attachment.

The Starter Pack allows the user to experience the tool in real time allowing them to appreciate all its benefits before making an investment.

For orders exceeding the sample pack size of 4 units, please contact us to take advantage of volume savings!

Cobra Roller Starter Pack – $1100 USD



What Our Clients Say?

We aim to offer the best service. Check out what our clients are saying about the Cobra Roller!

Tom Davis

Owner – Frontline Action

Frontline Action has been in the amusement business for 30 years.  This year we added commercial tents to our service offerings.  After reviewing the tangible benefits of the Cobra Roller we equipped our entire fleet of tents with them.  Savings on labour, maintenance and extending the life of our significant investment were the key drivers for this decision.  The team at Innovative Tent products were professional and an incredible resource for us as we expanded our business.


Frequently asked questions

Check out our more commonly asked questions.  If you can’t find an answer to your questions, please contact us below.  

Do you offer a Warranty?

Yes, click here to view warranty page.

What tents is the Cobra Roller compatible with?

The Cobra Roller is a side wall apparatus that is compatible with most tents that utilize a wall cable to hang the tent side walls. Example 20’x20’ High Peak or Marquee Tent as seen in the video above.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds will be given to starter packs only upon receipt of goods within 10 days of delivery. Return shipping charges are the buyer’s responsibility. Returns due to manufacturer’s defects are honoured for up to 1 year. The buyer shall not cancel orders once payment is received.

Can I place an order bigger than a starter pack?

Yes. Contact us via email or phone regarding a quote for larger volume discount orders.

Is your product patented?

Our product holds United States Patent and is Patent Pending in Canada.

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