1. Time savings!

The Cobra Roller allows you to set up a tent side wall in 1 minute 20 seconds with one worker and dismantle time is 3 minutes 4 seconds. Traditionally to set up a side wall it takes 2 people 4-6 minutes per wall and similar times for dismantle.

This savings alone cuts 40 minutes of wages down to less than 6 minutes! That value by itself is a huge benefit to any company but this is only the first value point, there’s more!

4. Increased cargo space!

The Cobra Roller allows you to store the tent walls on top of your pipe which frees up the cavity that you would normally store them when in travel. This is often the back seat of your truck.

2. Ease of set-up and dismantle of walls!

Gone are the days of bunching the wet tent wall over your head sunday morning at the start of your "tear down". Having to try to keep it off the ground so it stays clean. Now with the Cobra Roller its as easy as turning a wrench! With a few simple turns the wall rolls back around the tube and is ready for loading! Keep your workers dry, happy and fast!

5. No more creases!

Thats right, in this industry looks are everything and you see it in the attention to detail. With the Cobra Roller in your fleet you will no longer have those ugly squares pressed onto your walls as a result of folding. Your walls will be fresh and crisp like a new pair of pants (minus the crease!)

3. No dirt transfer!

When folding the tent side walls the first fold is usually bringing the top of the wall to meet the bottom of the wall. This allows dirt to transfer from the bottom to the top which creates unnecessary cleaning time (wages) spent back at the shop. It also shortens the lifespan of the side wall due to cleaning wear. The Cobra Roller's design keeps the dirt segregated to the bottom thus eliminating all of these issues.


Saving Time is not always about saving money. Commercial Tent Installation is a race against the weather. High wind, heavy rain and thunder and lightning are always a critical factor when starting or finishing a tent install or dismantle. A safe and efficient install is top priority for any tent rental company. 

Event deadlines, when dealing with corporate events and different private venues are sometimes last minute changes when on site which can delay and cut into setup time. When dealing with production the event time line is crucial.

Ripple effect of limiting dirt transfer from top to bottom when folding the side walls.

Eliminating dirt transfer creates several benefits.

1. Saved wages and time from extra cleaning to remove dirt transfer.

2. Elimination of sidewalls becoming downgraded to a "b-grade" as a result of permanent staining from dirt transfer.

3. Extended life span of side walls as a result of elimination of wear from cleaning abrasions.

Why wait, save expenses at your next event…..

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