Cobra Roller Starter Pack


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The Cobra Roller is a side wall apparatus compatible with most tents that use a wall cable to hang the side walls. The Cobra Roller offers a safer, easier, faster method to install or remove the tent walls.  The Cobra Roller features sturdy roll up tubes, a durable head that can withstand rugged long term use, and high-quality bearings which allows for smooth and effortless functionality.

Specification List

–              Weight  10lbs

–              Dimensions 10’ ¾” long x 6” wide

* Side Wall not included

* Vice grips not included

Warranty Page

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Includes 4 Cobra Roller Side Wall Apparatus for up to 9ft x 20ft side walls that attach to frame style tents using carabiners clipped on a wall cable.

The starter kit allows the user to experience the tool in real time allowing them to appreciate all its benefits before making an investment.

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