The Cobra Roller

designed with the intent to alleviate the Troublesome task of tearing down of the tent walls after each event. It was through actual on the job experiences that spawned the idea of a better method to install and dismantle the tent walls.

ITP Installation

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Rolled Wall

Since 1993

The Cobra Roller offers you 5 value points in this product. 5 key points that will ultimately save you $1000's within the first 12 months of operation.

1. Time savings!
2. Ease of set-up and dismantle of walls!
3. No dirt transfer!
4. Increased cargo space!
5. No more creases! 

The Cobra Roller is a side wall apparatus used ideally with frame commercial tents that connect side walls using Velcro or carabiners on a wall cable. The Cobra Roller attaches to the side wall and rolls up the side wall fast, easy and safe. The Cobra Roller is made of metal material with a durable spray two-part polyurethane elastomer system coating from Line-X used to protect the top and bottom components from the elements and corrosion.

Specification List
-              Weight  10lbs
-              Dimensions 10’ ¾” long x 6” wide

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for manufacturing and deliveries of all orders. 

Innovative Tent Products production is set to commence on February 1st of 2020.  


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Cobra Roller

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